To the Ex-members of growingupgotti_

Everyone at the community suggested a drama free community. Everyone was always complaining and judging what I let go on etc.. Everyone wanted me to do something.
Now that I have done something, the people who have been banned are begging to come back. The same very people who made the community full of drama are the ones who want to come back.

You could have been banned for one or more reasons:

  1. You have a smart mouth
  2. You think you are the maintainer
  3. You complained about there being too much drama but yet stayed (so hey I helped you out)
  4. You bash growingupgotti_ in other communities (being two-faced)
  5. You thought you were bigger than the community
  6. You posted about your new better community but yet you email me every day wanting to know why you are banned (Hello if your community is so much better than you don't need to be at growingupgotti_
  7. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time
  8. Guilt by association

And not for nothing, the community seems to be drama-free now that you have been banned.

I hope this answer your questions/emails. Have a nice day :-)

2 communities gone

I decided to delete both communities. I was tired of hearing all the members bitch and complain about other members. Everybody was un-happy so now you all should be happy.
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